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St George's

St George, Abergele:
The village of St. George, near Abergele in North Wales, lies on the northern edge of the range of limestone hills...
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Delhi Opencast:
A watching brief and excavation at the site of an extension to an opencast coal and clay extraction site at..
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Mineral extraction

'A mix of positive planning and management can help to bring about sensible solutions to the treatment of sites with archaeological remains and to reduce the areas of potential conflict between development and preservation.' John Penny, Area Estates Manager for Aggregate Industries

Mineral extraction can have a significant impact on the historic environment, with the potential to affect buried archaeological and palaeoenvironmental remains and the setting of significant sites, buildings and landscapes.

At NAA we have experience of working with opencast, aggregates and hardstone mineral operators. We have an informed understanding of the sometimes difficult and controversial issues associated with balancing the needs of the industry with heritage conservation and recognise that dealing with archaeology is a significant industry concern. We believe that a proactive approach to identifying and assessing potential impacts early in the application process can help resolve, avoid and minimise conflicts. Where evaluation or mitigation is necessary, we will work with you to try and minimise costs and delays to your extraction programme and identify opportunities for using the results of such works to feed into your public relations.

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