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Project Profiles

North Dock,Seaham

North Dock Seaham, County Durham:
commissioned by Archaeo-Environment Ltd to undertake an archaeological survey of...
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Roker Pier and Lighthouse

Roker Pier and Lighthouse:
Roker pier and lighthouse has protected the entrance into Sunderland harbour...
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Coastal Heritage Management

England's coastal zone is a rich and diverse historic landscape and includes evidence of past settlements, old coastal defences, seaside resorts, harbours, ports, submerged landscapes, shipwrecks and aircraft crash sites. Managing and protecting this resource is becoming an increasing challenge. Much of the resource is fragile and vulnerable - prone to damage from the unpredictable forces of coastal erosion, storms, high tides and the long-term effects of climate change.

NAA offer a range of integrated management and fieldwork services to help protect and record our coastal heritage and we can provide planning advice and support in relation to a wide range of developments including settlement and port regeneration, flood defence schemes, cable routes, pipelines, windfarms, marine aggregates and coastal management schemes.

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