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Project Profiles

Seaham Community Excavation

Seaham Community Excavation:
Local volunteers with NAA, braved the December weather ...
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Greatham Managed Realignment Scheme

Cleadon Village Atlas:
was a two year project bringing local people together with specialists to explore the geology, ecology, archaeology, built heritage and history .
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Greta Bridge Community Archaeology Project

Greta Bridge Community Archaeology Project:
We have just finished a short programme of geophysical survey at Greta Bridge ...
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Community and Education

Whether you are a developer seeking to improve public relations or a community group with a particular project in mind, NAA can provide you with a tailored suite of services to meet your needs.

Public relation and consultation work: we arrange public open days, schools events, exhibitions, displays and the production of targeted websites. We also organise all aspects of heritage consultation including press releases, workshops and forums and feedback analysis.

Community groups: we understand, and share, your enthusiasm for the past. We can provide a 'hands on' experience, helping you to realise your project aims while giving you the right methodology to do the job properly. Previous work has included survey and recording workshops, guided walks and excavation projects.

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