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Clayton Aniline Company Works

Clayton Aniline Company Works, Manchester
commissioned by WYG Environment Planning Transport Ltd to undertake...
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Walkergate Development

Walkergate Development, Durham
This is the earliest record of the presence of mills within Durham...
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Desk-Based Assessments

The purpose of a Desk-Based Assessment (DBA) is to assess the potential impact of a development on the significance of any heritage assets which might be affected by your proposals. It is generally the first of a series of 'investigations' requested by the local planning authority in advance of a planning application submission.

An assessment will help determine those sites which should be preserved, the need for further detailed evaluation prior to submission and what mitigation might be required. It usually involves the collation of archaeological and historical information, a preliminary 'walk over' survey, and/or building appraisal. This information is essential to inform a planning decision but it can also help you identify potential heritage issues and opportunities early on in the scheme design.

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