Evaluation at Healam Bridge, North Yorkshire


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Crummock Court

Crummock Court, Howdon:
Trial trenching on the site of a World War II anti-aircraft gun-site...
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Roebuck Hill

Roebuck Hill, Jump:
A staged programme of archaeological mitigation carried out for Persimmon Homes (South Yorkshire)...
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Station Road, Arksey

Station Road, Arksey:
Archaeological investigations at Station Road, Arksey provided an exciting opportunity to ...
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Before submitting a planning application you might be asked to undertake a programme of field investigations: this is often referred to as the 'evaluation' stage. The purpose of this work may be to 'test' the results of an earlier Desk-Based Assessment and determine the existence, extent and significance of any identified heritage assets.

There are a number of different types of archaeological field investigation and sometimes a staged evaluation using two or three forms may be required to assess a single development. At NAA our project management team have considerable experience in designing programmes that meet the needs of both our clients and the local planning authority. We undertake all forms of field survey and evaluation, ensuring you a professional and cost effective service

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